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'Sing for Health has helped me to smile again' - Annie 

Singing to breathe - breathing to sing


Research shows, and I know for a fact, that singing is a fabulous way to help our mental and physical health - anyone who has sung regularly will tell you that it has amazing powers to bring positive change; it's free and and everyone can do it! 

Many people approach me saying 'I can't come along, I can't sing' and this really doesn't matter at all - you don't need to have ever sung a note out loud. Even if you are absolutely sure that you 'can't sing' or if you are worried about singing in front of others, come and give Sing for Health a try - there is no pressure to join in until you are ready and the benefits to your health and wellbeing may help you to think differently.  

Sessions benefit anyone and for many different reasons. If you are living with the effects of long covid or post covid syndrome, breathlessness, COPD, postural alignment or voice production worries, sleeping problems, Chronic Lung Disease, pain management, depression and low mood, lack of confidence, social anxiety, isolation.... in fact, breathing to sing and singing to breath helps us all for different reasons. 

Sessions are available to everyone, you can be referred to me via your clinician or contact me directly.

In the words of one of the participants, 'Sing for Health groups are friendly, welcoming and non-judgemental' - this aspect is of great importance to me. My wish is that you leave the sessions feeling uplifted and with a spring in your step! 


‘Paula’s Sing for Health – what a wonderful way to start the week! However you feel when the session starts, you always leave with a smile!’ 

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SfH sessions are free to attend!

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If you already are, or were, a confident singer and feel that you have lost strength in your voice and breathing, or would like to add to and understand your breathing a little more fully, these sessions will help you too.  

I am delighted to tell you that Sing for Health sessions are free for you to attend. This is possible due to the fabulous financial support given by Abbotswood Medical Practice, Pershore Community Hospital and the Pulmonary Rehabilitation dept of Worcester Acute Hospitals.  

This is what happened to SfH during lockdown - we did it online! Many of these lovely folk still join us via Zoom as they live too far away to visit in person, or their health needs may mean they prefer to take part online. 

I have included some quotes from current participants (in blue/purple type) and a few pictures, so that you get an idea of how SfH'ers feel about the sessions, and there are more on the 'Quotes' page.  

Thank you for visiting the Sing for Health page - do get in touch using the form below.



An outdoor SfH session, as lockdown restrictions were easing.

"I have COPD, since joining Sing for Health my cough has become much better and easier to control. It raises my spirits and make me feel good, I always leave the sessions feeling happy and more confident. I find the exercises and breathing techniques very useful in everyday life (...) it helps me stop coughing fits and relieves stress and tension" Alison
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Times and Venues for Sing for Health 
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Sing for Health sessions are funded by Abbotswood Medical Centre, Friends of Pershore Community Hospital & Pulmonary Rehabil-itation Dept, Worcs Acute Hospitals, so they are FREE for you to attend.

Places must be booked in advance -
use the 'Contact Me' box below to book
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